Logos Quiz Level 1-6 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 1-6 Answers

Logos Quiz level 1-6

Answer: McDonalds

About McDonalds

McDonalds is the world’s largest and most popular fast food chain. With over 35,000 locations spread out over 119 countries, McDonalds has gone on to average over 60 million customers per day. As one of the most profitable food chains in the world, McDonalds touts one of the most astounding revenues around. In 2013, the company brought in over $28 Billion dollars. McDonalds is also known as one of the world’s leading employers with 1.9 million employees.

McDonalds was created by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940 as a San Bernardino, California BBQ joint. The business shifted gears in 1948 when the brothers introduced a faster service system where food began to be produced on an assembly line. However, the company took off in 1955 when Ray Kroc joined the brothers and began franchising soon-to-be fast-food staple across the country. However, Kroc would later grow tired of the brother’s desire to remain small. In 1961, Kroc would purchase the brothers stake in the company for a mere $5 million and grow it to the corporation it is today.

Aside from the beloved cheeseburger; McDdonalds also serves french fries, a variety of chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches, desserts, and more. They are also known for creating the concept of specialty children’s meals (Happy Meal) that, in addition to food, give children a toy.