Logos Quiz Level 2-4 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 2-4 Answers

Logos Quiz level 2-4

Answer: Honda

About Honda

Honda is a Japanese manufacturing company headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.  Not only do they manufacture automobiles, they also manufacture motorcycles and power equipment.  In 2011, Honda was ranked the eighth largest automobile manufacturer in the world.  They are also the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.  Honda also makes generators, lawn mowers, trimmers, scooters, snowblowers, ATV’s, watercrafts, and much more. Recently, they have even created an aircraft, known as HondaJet. They also dump millions of dollars into their research programs.  The research is currently developing a robot called, ASIMO.

Honda has plants all around the world.  A few locations include China, United States, Brazil, Mexico, England, Turkey, and many more.  Not only do they assemble Honda products, they also manufacture Honda’s luxury automobile line, Acura.  Acura is a division of Honda that was founded in 1986.  The brand was first available in the United States and Canada, but shortly spread to Hong Kong, Mexico, and China.