Logos Quiz Level 3-11 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 3-11 Answers

Logos Quiz level 3-11

Answer: Greenpeace

About Greenpeace

Greenpeace is a non-profit environmental activist group. It is perhaps the largest and best known environmental organization. Founded in Canada, Greenpeace now has a presence in over forty countries. Its international coordination is housed in Amsterdam. Greenpeace does not take funding from government bodies or politicians. This is so that they are not beholden to any political body or party. They rely on individual donations and screen large donations to ensure that they do not receive donations from inappropriate companies. Ben & Jerry’s is a large sponsor of Greenpeace, donating a percentage of their profits to the cause. About 15,000 people volunteer for Greenpeace globally.

Greenpeace created one of the first sustainable climate change plans in 1993 to address global warming and climate change. They advocated for the removal of CFCs. This is a substance that was in products like hairspray that contributed a lot to global warming and changes to the ozone layer. Greenpeace even developed a refrigerator that worked without CFCs to help achieve this goal.

Although Greenpeace has done a lot of valuable work, they have also made some poor decisions. Members have destroyed property, trespassed and done other illegal things in the name of climate change. They oppose the use of genetically modified foods to the point of convincing Zambia to refuse any aid that contained GMOs. Many citizens of Zambia think this decision was an unfeasible one, as it left Zambia without aid that they depend on. They have also opposed the use of ‘golden rice’, a modified form of rice that would help people in positions of poverty lead healthy lives without bankrupting themselves to eat.