Logos Quiz Level 3-16 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 3-16 Answers

Logos Quiz level 3-16

Answer: Speedo

About Speedo

Speedo is a swimwear manufacturer. Speedo is owned by the British company, Pentland Group. They were founded in Sydney, Australia in 1914. Speedo was responsible for many innovations in the swimwear industry, starting with their racerback suit in 1927. This swimsuit was controversial due its exposure of the shoulders and back but was loved by competitive swimmers. The open shoulder allowed swimmers to move more freely and in a broader range of motion, making them move much more quickly through the water. Speedos were first worn at the Olympics in 1932, where a 16-year-old Australian won the 200 Breaststroke race after facing disqualification for her relative state of undress.

Initially made of silk, Speedo’s swimsuits were the first to switch to nylon after WWII. During WWII, much of Speedo’s work went towards the War Effort. This meant that they were familiar with the new products used during the war, allowing them to be the company that used nylon in swimsuits first. Speedo became a publicly owned company in 1951. They began using spandex in their swimsuits in the 1970s. Speedo is very proud of their large association with the Olympics. Michael Phelps wore Speedo suits at each of the two Olympics he earned eight medals a piece.

Speedo offers a wide range of swim related products. Although the name Speedo is generally used to refer to men’s swim briefs, this product is not one of the company’s biggest sellers. Along with their wide range of swimsuit styles, Speedo also offers swim accessories like sunglasses, towels and scuba equipment. They also manufacture and sell sandals, water shoes and waterproof watches.