Logos Quiz Level 3-22 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 3-22 Answers

Logos Quiz level 3-22

Answer: UNESCO


UNESCO is an agency of the United Nations. UNESCO promotes education, science, culture and communication to encourage international peace and security. UNESCO has 195 member states, although some of the members are not technically independent states. Irina Bokova of Bulgaria is the current Director-General of UNESCO. UNESCO works to help preserve important historical sites (World Heritage Sites) and runs many programs to support literacy and education around the world. They also award 22 yearly prizes in areas of culture, education, peace and science. UNESCO holds a biannual general conference that was been in effect since 1946. Occasionally, they will host an ‘extraordinary session’ on their off years.

Like the UN, UNESCO was formed in response to the two world wars of the early 20th century. As we entered an age of increased globalization, many felt that it was necessary to create agencies to aid countries in communication and problem solving. A similar attempt to bring countries together was made after WWI was made with the League of Nations, but it failed due to a lack of enforcement and to the failure of the United States to join the League. The UN replaced the ineffective League in 1946. UNESCO pushes for greater cultural understanding, better education and more acceptance of different races, cultures and ideas. It employs 2,000 people of about 170 different nationalities to ensure a multicultural approach to every problem UNESCO attempts to solve.