Logos Quiz Level 3-30 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 3-30 Answers

Logos Quiz level 3-30

Answer: THQ

About THQ

THQ Inc. is a video game company based in California. THQ stands for Toy Head-Quarters. The company was a toy manufacturer in the early 1990s. Their main video games were the Saints Row, Darksiders, Company of Heroes and WWE series. THQ declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in late 2012, at which point they sold their properties and liquidated various assets. THQ started making toys in 1990. They released their first video game, Peter Pan and the Pirates, in 1991. By 1994, THQ stopped making toys to focus on their video games.

Initially, THQ focused on Nintendo consoles like the NES, Nintendo 64 and the Game Boy. They expanded to PlayStation in the mid-90s. One of their most famous video games, Ghost in the Shell, was released in 1997. Ghost in the Shell is part of a media enterprise including a manga series, film and television shows and multiple video games. A new film starring Scarlett Johansson of Ghost in the Shell is scheduled to premiere in April 2017.

THQ had agreements with many other media companies, allowing them to create video games for many franchises. This included Jurassic Park, A Bug’s Life, WWF, Spongebob, Rugrats, Jimmy Neutron and more. THQ was also responsible for many innovations for the Wii and the Wii balance board and remotes. During THQ’s highest point, it had over $1 billion dollars in revenue. Unfortunately, the recession hit THQ hard. Also, the increase of free internet games based on Disney and Nickelodeon cut into THQ’s market. They declared bankruptcy in December 2012 after defaulting on a $50 million loan from Wells Fargo.