Logos Quiz Level 3-43 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 3-43 Answers

Logos Quiz level 3-43

Answer: Omega

About Omega

Omega is a luxury watchmaker. The company was officially founded in 1903, but production of Omega watches had begun as early as 1848. Louis Brandt was a watchmaker who created La Generale Watch Co. His sons, Louis-Paul and Cesar developed a new way to manufacture watches that was quicker but maintained high levels of quality. These watches were sold as Omega Brand. The Omega company was founded in 1903 due to the immense success of the brand. Both Louis-Paul and Cesar passed away in 1903, leaving their company to their collective four children.

Under the direction of the oldest son, Paul-Emilie Brandt, Omega became a pioneer of watch making. Omega was able to employ 1,000 people as early as 1914. Paul-Emilie directed the merger of Omega and Tissot in 1930. Omega watches were the official choice for Italian pilots, the British Royal Air Force and NASA. Neil Armstrong was wearing an Omega Speedmaster when he become the first person to set foot on the moon. Omega watches have been used for deep sea dives and long explorations of the North Pole. Omega outsold brands like Rolex until the 1970s. Japanese watches became popular at this point for their use of quartz. After a bit of floundering, Omega has become popular again. They focus on product placement, including placement in the James Bond movies since 1995. They are again competitive with Rolex.