Logos Quiz Level 3-5 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 3-5 Answers

Logos Quiz level 3-5

Answer: FedEx

About FedEx

FedEx is a courier delivery service founded in 1997 in the United States. Its name is an abbreviation of “Federal Express,” the name of the original air import/export service that formed the basis of the company. Though the company was incorporated in the 90s, it has been in operation since 1973.

1998 was the year that Federal Express acquired the shipping service Caliber System Inc. With its new subsidiary, Federal Express was able to offer services outside of the express shipping it had been bound to for the past 25 years. Along with the acquisition, Federal Express formed its own corporation, called FDX. In 2000, FDX Corporation was renamed FedEx. In 2004, FedEx also acquired the company Parcel Direct and rebranded it as FedEx Smart Post.

FedEx classified its drivers that owned their own vehicles as independent contractors. In 2007, the IRS audited the company’s taxes from 2003-2006, as the agency suspected that FedEx owed some $319 million to the federal government due to misclassification of said employees. The next year, however, the IRS withdrew their audit.

In July 2014, FedEx was hit with an indictment by the United States Department of Justice, alleging that the company was part of a conspiracy to sell controlled substances. The DOJ claimed that FedEx drivers would make stops at unauthorized locations, such as the side of the road or a secluded parking lot, to deliver packages of prescription drugs to dealers and their customers.

FedEx has made significant donations to political campaigns since the 1990s. It contributed the maximum $250,000 to reelect President George W. Bush in 2004.