Logos Quiz Level 3-54 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 3-54 Answers

Logos Quiz level 3-54

Answer: Marlboro

About Marlboro

Marlboro is a brand of cigarettes made by Philip Morris USA and International. Marlboro is the most sold brand of cigarette in the world. Philip Morris created the Marlboro brand in 1924. Initially, it was advertised as a cigarette for women. It included a filter which was not typical at the time. Filters make smoking cigarettes less harsh and so were considered more appropriate for women than men. Marlboro cigarettes also featured a red band around the end to help hide lipstick marks.

The Marlboro cigarette continued to be marketed only to women until the 1950s. During this time, cigarettes started to be linked to lung cancer. Since filtered cigarettes were considered safer, many filtered brands were then marketed to men who were worried about getting lung cancer. This was the beginning of the marketing campaign known as the Marlboro Man, still an iconic advertisement. In a 2006 court ruling against Philip Morris USA, cigarette companies were barred from using words like light in their advertisements or branding. At this point, Marlboro had to change many of its cigarette names, like Marlboro Lights. Marlboro sponsors a variety of cars racing events and teams. Marlboro is one of the most expensive brands of cigarettes.