Logos Quiz Level 3-57 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 3-57 Answers

Logos Quiz level 3-57

Answer: Volvo

About Volvo

Volvo is an automotive manufacturing company based in Sweden. It was founded in 1927. It was founded by SKF, a ball bearing manufacturer. The first Volvo, Volvo OV 4, was manufactured in April 1927. The Volvo logo is based on the symbol for iron, a reference to the strong iron found in Sweden and used in Volvo cars. The name Volvo is Latin for I roll, an appropriate name for a car company. Volvo opened a plant in Torslanda in 1964, which is still open and one of the company’s largest production sites to this day.

In 1999, Volvo Group, the larger company, sold Volvo Motors to Ford Motor Company. Ford housed Volvo as one of its Premier Automotive Group members. During this time, Volvo was able to expand its range of cars. The recession of 2008 threatened Ford’s ability to hold on to Volvo, as it was experiencing extreme financial difficulty. Many solutions were proposed, including have the Swedish government buyout Volvo. However, Geely Holding Group, a Chinese company, bought out Volvo in 2008.

Volvo is famous for their dedication to safety. This dedication has been present throughout their history. Volvo started using laminated glass in their vehicles as early as 1944. Volvo is also responsible for the invention of the modern three-point seat belt. Invented in 1958 by Nils Bohlin, the seatbelt became standard in Volvo cars in 1959, almost a decade before the United States legally required cars to have seat belts. Volvo was also the inventor of the rear-facing child seat and had its own booster seats dating back to 1978. Volvo continues to dedicate much of its innovation to safety in motor vehicles.