Logos Quiz Level 3-59 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 3-59 Answers

Logos Quiz level 3-59

Answer: Rossignol

About Rossignol

Rossignol is a ski, snowboard and Nordic equipment company that was founded in 1907. It was created by Abel Rossignol who was a passionate skier. Rossignol worked as a wood manufacturer and decided to create a pair of wooden skis, marking the beginning of the Rossignol company. Emile Allais would become a triple world champion on Rossignol Olympic 41 skis in 1937. This ushered in an era of prestigious and innovative ski and snowboarding equipment. The Allais 60s were the company’s first pair of fully metal skis. Jean Vuarnet won the downhill event at the 1960 Winter Olympics on a pair of these skis. Rossignol introduced its first fiberglass ski in 1964. Soon afterward, Rossignol would become the world’s largest manufacturer of ski equipment.

Rossignol acquired Caber, a boot factory based in Italy, in 1990. They decided to rebrand the products rather than allow the company to keep its name. This allowed Rossignol to increase its diversification and brand recognition. After this, Rossignol began to produce snowboards and clothing meant for skiing and other mountain activities. Today, Rossignol makes bindings, boots, skis, snowboards, technical equipments and outwear for all weather. They were also one of the first companies to create an all-plastic ski.