Logos Quiz Level 3-6 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 3-6 Answers

Logos Quiz level 3-6

Answer: Post It

About Post-It

The Post-It note was developed in 1968 at the company 3M in Minnesota. It was created by accident by the scientist Dr. Spencer Silver, who was looking for a way to make an extremely strong adhesive. Instead, he made an adhesive that was only slightly sticky, and was easily peeled off. After unsuccessfully trying for several years to find an application for his discovery, Spencer gave up–and was succeeded by fellow 3M employee Art Fry, who came up with the idea to use the glue on peelable notepaper in 1974.

Post-Its were originally called “Press ‘n Peel” when they hit shelves in 1977, but sales were poor and 3M rebranded the product in 1980, after giving free samples to office workers who demonstrated enthusiasm for the product. In 1981, 3M expanded their market to include Canada and Europe. 3M’s patent to produce Post-Its exclusively ran out in 1997, but its trademark on the name still stands; other competing products are often sold as “repositionable notes” or other phrases to that effect.

Post-It notes have been featured in many works of art. 3M directly approached several artists in 2000, asking them to produce original art on Post-Its for the brand’s 20th anniversary. Painter and printmaker R.B. Kitaj made one such piece that later sold for 640 pounds sterling, making it the most valuable known Post-It note.

Post-Its have also made the jump into the digital age, though not as a 3M brand. Various computer programs and “widgets” allow users to add “sticky notes” to their desktop areas, providing a 21st-century method of using 20th-century technology.