Logos Quiz Level 3-62 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 3-62 Answers

Logos Quiz level 3-62

Answer: Mini

About MINI

Mini is a brand of car made by BMW. MINI cars are based on a line of small cars made by the British Motor Company from 1959 through 2000. The original Mini was voted the second most influential automobile of the 20th century, only behind the Model T Ford car, which is the car that was really the first affordable automobile, accessible to middle class citizens as well as the wealthy. The original Mini cars were created to combat high fuel prices post-WWII. The Suez Crisis of 1957 heavily limited the amount of fuel being transported to England and Europe, lifting the prices exponentially. The Mini was designed as a counterpoint to vehicles that were large and used a lot of gas. The Mini was not just smaller than most cars, it was also very light. This made it much easier and cheaper to fuel. Minis were also more affordable to purchase than most cars.

The Minis became a symbol of the 1960s, from the Beatles to the royal family. The new Mini brand capitalizes on this recognition while expanding the line beyond anything the original Minis achieved. Some complain that modern Minis are longer just that – Mini. Newer Minis have been becoming larger and larger, including a 5 door Mini and an SUV inspired car. The Mini brand has utilized sponsorship as one of its main marketing techniques, including use in The Italian Job and Mad Men.