Logos Quiz Level 3-65 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 3-65 Answers

Logos Quiz level 3-65

Answer: Oracle

About Oracle Corporation

Oracle is an American computer company based in Redwood City, California. It was founded by Bob Miner, Ed Oates and Larry Ellison in 1977. At the time of founding, the company was named Software Development Laboratories. Eventually, its name changed to Oracle to mirror its most popular product, the Oracle Database. Oracle officially released its first version of the Oracle database in 1979. Although it was the first version of the software, the company called it ‘Oracle 2’ to increase consumer confidence in the product. Oracle is a database that allowed software developers to work directly on computer systems rather than writing code with pen and paper. In the 1980s, Oracle began to move into the data security area, making their database more focused on keeping information safe. The company then went public in 1986 and became the largest database software/hardware company in the world. Oracle’s main competition is IBM, Google, and other software companies.

Oracle has had a number of controversies in its past, including many lawsuits. Most notably, Oracle hired investigators and paid Microsoft’s janitors to go through Microsoft’s trash while the company was being sued as part of a possible antitrust violation. Oracle was contracted to create a healthcare exchange website for Oregon. The site was meant to go live in 2013, but it failed. The fix would cost $78 million which was not in the budget. Oracle is being sued by the state of Oregon for racketeering and breach of contract.