Logos Quiz Level 5-1 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 5-1 Answers

Logos Quiz level 5-1

Answer: Hard Rock

About Hard Rock

Hard Rock Cafe is a chain of restaurants that was formed in 1971 in London by two Americans named Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton. It first had a decor that was very eclectic and not necessarily based on rock music. Only in 1979 did it begin to cover its walls with rock and roll memorabilia. This trend spread to all of its other stores. It only began to spread worldwide in 1982 when Hard Rock Cafe’s began to pop up in Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Berlin and Paris. All American Hard Rock Cafe’s are corporate owned. In 2007, Seminole Tribe of Florida bought Hard Rock Cafe International, Inc/ for a total of $965 million. In 2008, it was discovered from anonymous members of the Hard Rock Cafe waitstaff in the UK that they were paying their staff less than half of the minimum wage. This was allowed to happened through a little loophole where the business allocated tips to bring up the salaries. This of course allows the company to make more money by paying their employees less and perpetuating the guilt inducing system of tipping waiters. This is a practice many corporate companies enact in order to make more money for the higher ups.