Logos Quiz Level 5-10 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 5-10 Answers

Logos Quiz level 5-10

Answer: Ati


ATI Technologies Inc. was a technology corporation of semiconductors based in Ontario, Canada. They focused on making and developing chipsets and graphing processing units. They first began in 1985 under the name Array Technology Inc. Under their umbrella was in house development, research, and manufacturing of all their products. They may have done other things that do not really matter. Their rival was Nvidia. This big business rivalry forced all other graphic processing companies into smaller niche roles. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) bought out ATI in 2006. Since then, they have focused on developing their generation of fusion computer processors. Fusion computer processors incorporates graphics processing functions and general processing abilities into one single chip. In 2010, AMD stopped using the ATI name altogether. Some of their products include Graphics Solution, a series of 8-bit cards with different mediocre games on it, supported by EGA. They made Rage Series, which were 2D and 3D accelerator chips, developed from 2D and 3D GUI acceleration and other types of rudimentary chips. They continue to expand to this day.