Logos Quiz Level 5-15 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 5-15 Answers

Logos Quiz level 5-15

Answer: Delta


Delta airlines is a huge American airline company. They are located somewhere in America. They have over 5,400 flights that operate daily, international and domestic. Delta airlines was created by someone in Huff Dalanc Dusters Incorporated in 1924. They only began carrying passengers in 1929. They started off by flying only one passenger in the area where the pesticides normally was. These were the first true crop dusters in the world, and were not initially intended to fly passengers. They expanded, as is obvious, and began incorporating more routes and flying more passengers. They begin to buy out other airline companies and buy more airplanes to continue their expanding. They went where the money was and apparently it worked. They replaced their propellor planes around the 1960’s and become international competitors around the 1970’s. They merged with so many airline companies it is not worth it to list them all. One of them was Northwest airlines, whose brand and name they have since retired. Delta airlines seems to have some of the cheapest flights around, but their service is exactly representative of that fact. Anyway, who cares? Flying anywhere is an amazing thing.