Logos Quiz Level 5-19 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 5-19 Answers

Logos Quiz level 5-19

Answer: Blackberry


Blackberry limited once went by the name Research in Motion Limited. They are a Canadian wireless equipment and telecommunication company. They are widely known for their smart devices, smartphones and tablets. They are also well known for reliable software and other technological things. They are located in Ontario somewhere. It was founded by Mike Lazaridis, a man no one has referred to as a genius. Blackberry was founded sometime after the telephone was invented, on a date no one cares to know of. Someone claims that they were once popular and even once dominated the smartphone market, but this is of no consequence anymore. Their products have been in decline since Apple came around the the phone world and Android picked up in sales. They made some deals, squandered around money, made a lot of futile attempts to stay relevant, but still are not entirely successful. They are worth a lot of money still, but nowhere near as much as what they were once worth. Research In Motion Limited was founded in 1984 by some engineering students at the University of Waterloo and the University of Windsor. These students came together and made money.