Logos Quiz Level 6-8 Answers

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Logos Quiz Level 6-8 Answers

Logos Quiz level 6-8

Answer: Bt

About BT

BT Group is a multinational telecommunication service that was founded in 1980. The company operates globally but is headquartered in England. BT Group also operates in nearly 170 countries all around the world. The company provides telecommunication services to corporate, consumer, and government consumers. In Great Britain alone, they provide services to over 18 million customers.

Currently, the Chairman is Sir Michael Rake and the Chief Executive is Gavin Patterson. Products of the BT Group include fixedline telephony, broadband internet, mobile telephony, fiber-optic communication, digital television, and different information technology services. They are listed on the London Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange.

Recently, BT acquired EE Limited which is a British phone network. The reported revenue for BT in 2013 was over 18 billion in Euros. The BT Group has many divisions including BT Global Services, BT Business, BT Consumer, BT Wholesale, Openreach, ESPN UK, and EE. They also have many subsidiaries, including BT Ireland and BT Italia.